Advanced bottle launcher prototype

Me and Cloud Strife would like to proudly present to you an advanced bottle launcher that we put together over a certain course of time.

The protoype uses a relatively unique dynamic weight projectile system which allows it to turn ordinary breakable glass bottles into deadly projectiles which are capable of inflicting substantial damage at impact and destroying themselves afterwards, creating the apropriate effect to emulate an energy based weapon.

The projectiles travel at a very high velocity in the wanted direction, which makes it not only very entertaining but also actually useful as a weapon.

As it is clearly visible in the pictures above, the prototype is paretned to the player in a beleiveable weapon like manner using propcore, while also realistically changing angles according to the arm position. In shorter terms, this protoype is used as an actual gun, as opposed to mostly being a standalone prop launcher which has to be manually aimed by a physgun for 30 minutes.

The prototype has four different firing modes, which are:
Standard or Semi automatic Command: only !
Double Semi automatic Command: !dou
Alternating semi automatic Command: !alt
Double barrel pulsing fully automatic Command: !auto

The video below generally demonstrates the prototype in rather decent detail:

Please do tell us what you think, any type of feedback would be much appreciated, this project is still more then open for possible modifications and improvements.

you forgot / in the first img tag

very cool gun though but you should have more variated materials for it, as it looks kinda plain

It was meant to have a “one piece” look, but yes I suppose.

“one piece” looks are better to get when you make smooth stuff :v:

I actually found the look of this gun to be relatively fluid, but yes I suppose.

Stramic Build! :smiley:

Model-wise, The front is good but the back just looks like a jumble of props.

Function-wise it looks great but can we get a 1st person view?

A few new videos will most likely be uploaded in the future, they will cover first person footage and a pvp battle.

Using bottles as projectiles was a good idea.
I like the way it looks.

It is definitely more comfortable to have easily destructible props as projectiles then cooking up some annoying removal system to use non destructible props.

I like it, but you couldn’t possibly make this video more annoying :expressionless:

oh god this, I just watched and couldn’t get past 1:20. too lame demonstration :geno:

I think it’s pretty cool. Both model and function. Great job.

I do agree that quite a few things in the video could have been improved, I used too many camera angle for some of the categories.

More like for all of them.

The video is as boring as fuck. Cut out the useless stuff.

I… Love it

Looks heavy as fuck

Once again, I do agree that it could have been made significantly more interesting.

You should add a burst mode, 1 click is 3 shots fired in quick succession.