Advanced Camera Movements

I’ve seen in many videos cameras moving in a smooth line, sometimes circling around things. I saw a video that was “the making of” and it showed many cameras in a blue line and one camera following the line.

I just want to know what addon this is so I can find it.

Hoping this is the right section.

CatMullRom Cinematic Cameras

I use these all the time, they’re awesome.

could some one tell me how to make a camera appear on a screen? cause im making a base and i want the screen to be next to the desk

Look under your materials option in your toolgun menu. There will be a texture there that’ll show what’s seen through your camera. Then apply that texture over your screen with the toolgun.

K, what about if you want multiple cameras and multiple screens?
The RT camera only does one… which is not cool.

I beleive there is a way to wire out multiple RT cameras.

Here is some stuff that might help.

I mean, like, when you use the material RT Camera, to show the screen on it, I want to be able to do that, but several times, with different cameras and different screens.

RT cameras have a numpad input you choose, different numpads give you different RT’s when you press them. Can’t have different ones simultaneously.


I want to set up screens… Like a TV, with a screen on it, of the RT camera.
I want to be able to have different TV’s with different RT cameras.
I can’t, with the RT camera that is there.
I don’t know how to work with Lua, and have tried to find ways around it.


Oh. XD missed that.

My bad.