Advanced Damage Logger

This addon I made for my server but I figured I would publicly release it.
It’s a very simple addon that allows you to view logs of player vs player damage/kills
VERY configurable

Actual GUI with the above settings

Github Page

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Make the GUI smaller

What’s advanced about it?

Originally, I made it huge so there was no way the buttons could overlap, I will probably make that a client side setting.

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It is basic functionality. “Advanced” was more or less just a name, but the GUI was nice compared to my servers old damage logger which logged ALL damage value in text files on the server that only developers had access to.

So basically it’s advanced compared to less advanced scripts haha. Maybe I will change the name to “Simple Damage Logger” but all the variables are a play on “Advanced Damage Logger” like “ADV_Foo”

Shrink down the GUI so it doesn’t consume so much space. You can use to fit the information inside and you can even make the frame to be re-sizeable. :>

I didn’t even think of list view! Thank you so much!