[Advanced]DarkRP Default Weapon Customizing

So, how would I go about doing this?

I know I need to change the default weapons’ code by going to sh_weaponsettings.lua, however, I can’t seem to find out how to change functions in that file. Could someone please help me?

(Second link. Scroll down the page, or search for “default”)

This is something totally different from what I’m asking.

– The list of weapons people spawn with.
GM.Config.DefaultWeapons = {

Isn’t that what you’re asking for?

there we go, sorry. I clarified what I’m looking for in the OP

I don’t see any changes?




What would you be trying to change? I’ll give you an example.

the swep:initialize() function

I mean, what part of the weapon are you trying to change.

Damage? Name? Description?

the function… swep:initialize()

What do you mean by the function SWEP:Initialize()

That’s built in. Are you trying to edit what happens inside of the Initialize?


What weapon / tool, exactly, are you trying to change?


Okay, what specific part of that weapon are you trying to change? Not the function, the actual thing.

E.g Damage.

You are very confused.

You’re trying to change a function?
What are you actually trying to change about it?

I’m trying to delete contents of the function.

Reading your comments makes me sick.

function SWEP:Initialize()

    if SERVER then return end

    CreateMaterial("darkrp/" .. self:GetClass(), "VertexLitGeneric", {
        ["$basetexture"] = "models/debug/debugwhite",
        ["$surfaceprop"] = "metal",
        ["$envmap"] = "env_cubemap",
        ["$envmaptint"] = "[ .5 .5 .5 ]",
        ["$selfillum"] = 0,
        ["$model"] = 1
    }):SetVector("$color2", self.StickColor:ToVector())

This is the SWEP:Initialize() function inside of stick_base, what exactly do you want to change here?

took me 5 seconds to find it