Advanced Dupe fail?

Hi all I have a problem with Advanced Duped items.

Basically I have a plane made form PHX flat plate and bars etc.
I have used easy precision,easy weld,weld,fin2 etc etc to make the plane.

For the flaps etc I make the weights of the supporting bars and flaps 3 times heavier then I want so when I put wire Hydraulics on them and then put the weights back to say 6 the wire Hydraulics can support them ok.

So I then fit wire advanced num pad input to control the wire hydraulics and then fiddle with settings to get them right.

Ok all ok so far but heres when problem start if I advance dupe it then re spawn the plane the wire hydraulics flop down as if they can not support the weights any more I have to

A. change weights again tho they still show the 6 they where at befor I duped it

B. bugger about with the wire advanced num pad input again.

Please help me as this is what I make a lot and this realy bugs me.

Thanks in advance


That’s how adv dupe is like… It likes to not-cooperate with anyone, so you have to deal with it.
PS I have some contraptions also screwed up by adv dupe :wink:

ah ok so it will do it every time there is no special tick box hehehe.

Its just a pain in the bum having to mess about with it every time as I advance dupe it so I can test out different t setting on the plane but before I do I have to get it to the same stage as the master copy tho I have just duped it :frowning:

Oh well cheers for the info

Try make another and dupe it again… Mby it will help…, but I don’t think so ;(

I did a few time I even did a dupe of master copy then placed the dupe corrected the errors and duped that still failed.

All I can tell you is that Adv.Dupe resets ALL weights!

ah ok thanks well is there a way to advance dupe or another tool I could use?