Advanced dupe. file help please?

:master: Ok so i got SVN adv. Dupe with wire mod and i downloaded adv dupe files from that are txt files where do i put them? Data? Saves? becuse i rlly never used adv. dupe scence updates…

garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv duplicator

Why is there a poll in H&S section

Good question…



They have all said that its just that my ADV. dupe from wire mod it says in the read me to put it in the addons section so do i make the data file in the adv. dupe file or what?


I still need help so sandvichler bump:


What the readme is telling you is where to put the addon. For this issue, ignore what the readme says, since it’s referring to something unrelated. When you save a contraption with Advanced Duplicator, it saves it to garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator. You will need to put all the text files you downloaded into this folder. If the adv_duplicator folder does not exist in your Data folder, you may want to create a new one, or play a single player game and save something, and it will make one for you.

guy above ^ thank you for your concern… but I still need some further instructions… do i make a data folder and move the adv dupe tool in to the folder or just move the .txt’s in it do i make that adv_duplicator file file too?or is that the tool? and why didnt the guy just make the data file inside the tool’s file any way in the first place?


Oh and would it cause a problem if you edited a .txt file in a folder that came from a svn download because i got dark rp 3 days agon it was non svn and it screwed up so i got the svn and added the offical jobs but now the txt file has a ! instead of a cheak… :dong:


ok nvm i reread what you said but ni still need help withn the svn thing


:quagmire:oh you know what i cant get in trouble for the poll because maybe i made it like that so mine would be different…

i need help with this to, i just got Wiremod svn, and it came with adv dupe, and i cant find were to put the adv dupe folder, i tried data, and i have used sdvdupe in the past, but there was a public and something else folder, there is none now, so were do i put the txt files???

Just create the folders yourself. It’ll still work.

Alternatively, if you would like the game to create the folders for you, just fire up GMod, and save something–anything–with the Adv. Duplicator.