Advanced Dupicator Error

Whenever I dupe something with the SVN version of Advanced Duplicator then paste it back into the map, many tools (most noticeably Weld) won’t work on the props anymore.

Is anybody experiencing the same issues? Or know how to fix?

Do you have “Force 0” in Weld tool?

Nope. It’s not that the force is wrong. I try welding a prop to the ship I duped and it just doesn’t do it. E.g. I spawn a container on the ship, click it with the Weld tool, then click on a prop on the ship and it still says “Now click on something to weld it to”.

All I have on the server (and in my addons folder on my PC) are PHX, Wire and Gcombat (and GCX). All SVN versions.

Then I honestly have no idea. Wait for another response, or reinstall garry’s mod.

Tried multiple times. :[