Advanced Duplications

I think that is full of shitty Advanced Duplications like “OMG IT’S A GMAN WITH TNT IN HIS ASSHOLE!133337!111” or stupid forts.
Garry made plugin that can read .zip files (“View Contents” button) but why can’t he make plugin, which will remove file if it contains data/adv_duplicator/someshittydupe.txt?

Don’t download them.

Did you or did you not search for “Advanced Duplicator” in order to take that screenshot? :colbert:

I wish people would stop making threads whining about the stuff they don’t like on There are too many of them.

but he has a point i mean cmon i search gmod to find usful things and most of it is BG and Adv Dupes.I wish they could make a seprate website for Adv Dupes and BG so it would stop flaming and whining.

I agree that most things that are being submitted now are of poor quality, but if you see something you don’t like, ignore it and don’t download it. It’s as simple as that.

I was gonna make a thread like this about the crappy backgrounds, but then i red the moderations thread… argh, that really made me sad.

So… what else did you hope to find by searching for “dup”? :rolleyes:

You should be able to filter dupes out, their stupid and when you search for something you get like 1000 dupes before you can find what you was looking for