Advanced Duplicator 2 - How Do I Install?

Hello guys, I haven’t played GMOD since Gmod 11 and Gmod 13 is a massive difference, and I don’t like it.
But I’m using Linux and before I used windows, so I had TortoiseSVN, and on Linux, I tried ESVN and RabbitVSN for SVN stuff, but I fail to install them all.
Is there a way you can send me like a .zip or .rar to put in my addons folder? I try to install Advanced Duplicator 2, but it’s always SVN links… Help?

I would send you a download, but unfortunately there are copyright laws on it that I cannot distribute it. Hopefully someone else can give you a tutorial on how to setup SVN for Linux.

Personally, I update SVN files on a windows computer, put them on an external harddrive that both my windows and linux (ubuntu) computer can read, and then copy them from the harddrive to my linux computer.

svn checkout “URL”

He doesn’t have an SVN program.

You don’t need a nice fancy GUI for it. SVN (command line) is often installed by default or can very easily be installed from the subversion website.