Advanced Duplicator 2 refuses to load dupes in multiplayer, help?

Whenever I try to load any dupe in multiplayer, it spits out this lua error and it refuses to load. I have restarted my computer, changed servers, and reinstalled garrys mod completely.

I have a .zip with pictures of my addon pages so you can possibly point out any addon conflicts.

I’m on Windows 8.1

[ERROR] addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/cl_networking.lua:189: attempt to index a nil value
  1. LoadGhosts - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/cl_networking.lua:189
   2. callback - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/cl_networking.lua:243
    3. Decode - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/sh_codec.lua:483
     4. InitializeUpload - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/cl_networking.lua:241
      5. DoNodeLeftClick - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/file_browser.lua:174
       6. unknown - addons/advdupe2/lua/advdupe2/file_browser.lua:993


Fixed, for some reason deleting the addon and adding the .dll from the thread worked.