Advanced Duplicator added in the basic installation.

I think the Advanced Duplicator should be added in the basic installation of the game. I think it’s a very needed feature for some people that like build in other servers and want to save what they created. I obviously already have it, but for other users, they may want it from the start.

there already is the basic duplicator. If someone needs it they can download it by themselves, it’s not hard.

Indeed. Apart from Game Modes, no user made content is shipped with Garry’s mod. This adds to the customization of it.

adv dupe sucks.

tb… or td… some other dude’s making a dupe that doesnt assfuck contraptions.

dude garry cant just take adv dupe from the dude who created it and effectively make people pay for it without giving them some money so he cant really ever include tools made by other people

What? He can with permission…

Yeah that would be better if we could get something like that in.