Advanced Duplicator and phx3 Tutorials

Sorry if this was previously posted I tried to a search but it was disabled, so could someone link me to a tutorial on how to use adv. dup and phx3 since whenever I use something with Adv. Dup i can’t evgen get any of it spawn let alone the one I did get to spawn it looks nothing like it nor is it rideable so could someone get me a tutorial for it please?

Adv dupe -


  1. Get tool out
  2. Right click tool
  3. In spawn or context menu, press save as
  4. Give it a name, Ok


  1. Select the dupe in context/spawn menu
  2. Click open
  3. Left click

You can spawn things from PHX3 from the spawn menu.

my PHX3 seems non-existant.

Did you SVN it? Is it in the addons folder?

I dl’ed it and then threw into the folder I couldn’t find the SVN for it sadly

edit found the SVN