Advanced Duplicator disconnects game

When I try to spawn anything it gets to about %96 or %99 then disconnects me from the game (single player) I heard this is because of the update if so can anyone link me to a discussion on it?

im in the same boat my friend ive done some poking around and by the sounds of it the duplicator got busted by the latest GMOD/Steam updates to the game … nothing will work till they get the tool working again :stuck_out_tongue: and i have been looking for a download link my self … so far not a thing and ive been at it for a while ill inform ya if i come across anything with a link … i sure hope it gets fixed soon i got a load of things i use that tool for :frowning:

Yes, this happens to me, and it well and truly annoys me, none of my rides will work (which they did about 2-3 updates ago), and for the past 4 years, they have worked also.

This is almost certainly a game problem and I hope it gets resolved fairly swiftly.