Advanced Duplicator File

Could someone post a file to the REAL advanced duplicator I only have some fake crappy one and also could you tell me how to instal the Advanced Duplicator


Get wiremod.

I have wiremod
But not Advanced duplicator


Someone please tell me -__-


Is no one helpful eneough to help a noob out… -__-

Get this

It is torttoiseSVN, and will let you use SVN’s

Once that is set up, use this tutorial

And this is the SVN for Wire (Adv. Dupe., Model Pack, everything)

EDIT: thanks for pointing that out Divran




When i click on the link you posted it says its broken, Please help.

It makes sense, you’ve just bumped a 1 1/2 year old thread. The SVN URL has changed since then to [noparse][/noparse]