Advanced duplicator files

I’ve been releasing various contraptions- none of which are spams of props or npc saves, and adv dupe files aren’t allowed now?

What the hell?

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Example of the things I build and release.

You might just have been lucky up until now. Garry doesn’t search through every single file on starting from the oldest to see if they comply with the new rules or not. The newly uploaded files are the ones that are “moderated” the most.

But. . .why? He jelly?

I don’t see why builders with skill should be penalized for idiots who upload thruster catapults.

Dude totally off topic but I want that manta ray from the video, hell I want that boat. Garry if you some some reason end up reading this please note; I HATE adv dupes on and was really damn happy when you started deleting them but this one should be an exception. I’m going to go download wiremod so that I can try that boat out.

You contradict yourself. You say you hate them and want them banned but say keep this one. That is completely wrong and most people would agree. You cannot state you dislike something and then say it is OK but not everyone else’s it is totally wrong.

Do you not know what an exception is?


You total cunt. A fucking exeption !!!

It is extremely wrong to say no to adv’s but ok to this guys because I fucking like it you wast of space.

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im pist off because your most likely too young to understand how things work.

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OK here is an example of what your doing.

Somone says all cars are banned for being bad to the environment. But you come along and say oh lets keep this sports car because I like the way it sounds. It’s retarded.

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No actually it would be more like banning cars because they’re bad for the environment and then coming across an electric car that is good for the environment so you keep it. It does not do what the others do that make you hate the others and therefore is ok.

I don’t care how good your adv dupe is. Don’t upload it.