Advanced Duplicator glitch

I don’t know why this is happening, but it started today ever since I found out that I had no connection to the Steam servers. I still don’t think I have 100% connection yet, but I think it’s having side effects on Gmod.

Every time I equip the Remover tool, a Lua error from the Advanced Duplicator pops up on line 1199 saying the script attempted to index a nil value of some sort. Weirdly, this also causes part of the Advanced Duplicator HUD to appear on the left side of the screen in a somewhat distorted manner, and I can’t get rid of it.

What’s going on?

Line 1199: ServerDir:SetTall(CPanel:GetParent():GetParent():GetTall()-80-bottom:GetTall())

When was the last time you updated the Advanced Duplicator addon?

It should not happen if you have the latest version.

If there’s a new version, then I sure as hell didn’t know about it.

I looked on for the latest version but found nothing. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction?

Wire and Advanced Duplicator should only ever be downloaded via SVN. If you got it on Garry’s Mod, it was either uploaded by another user (who is now banned from the site), or you downloaded it about 4 years ago.

I downloaded the latest version of Wiremod exactly as instructed and I still got the glitch.

Mine only loads to 50% then my game crashes. (it’s been updated)

Revert the Adv Duplicator back a few revisions.