Advanced duplicator not saving

i can copy things just fine but i can’t save them to my own server or in single player. on other servers advanced dupe works okay all around, but i’ve made a few things on single player that i want to carry around with me. also i’ve tried duping a statued mattress with some welded wood, the ghosting stops at 66% and when i switch weapons the ghost of the mattress stays where i last pointed the adv dupe and the game becomes VERY laggy when i’m close to it looking at it. any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

bump… i seriously have no idea what to do.

alright this is killing me… i hate to revive an old thread but i completely forgot it was here, had the same problem come up again and had no idea what else to do. i reinstalled gmod twice and all i put in my addons folder was the advanced duplicator. i’m getting sick of this not working.

edit: uh well i guess it was always there, just kinda quit playing and forgot about it and just now started playing again… i guess i know why i quit.

Make sure you’re using the SVN version of Adv Duplicator. It is included in Wiremod. Download it using TortoseSVN. Tutorial:

yeah i registered at wiremod’s website but am waiting on a notification email, have been for like 5 hours now… decided to try a stab at an older adv. dup. i had from january of this year. guess i’ll just wait for the confirmation email and get wiremod. thanks Divran.

You don’t need to register on their forum to download Wiremod.

well i don’t remember what i did but i got wiremod and have the duplicator working. :slight_smile: and i made a dedicated server, all in one night! happy gaming.

Did you go to the upload/download menu in the adv. dupe?
Try using this. :3

Don’t use that. It will get outdated pretty fast when the SVN is updated.