advanced duplicator problem

Got a slight problem with the addon. The box where you choose the contraption you want to spawn keeps on disappearing. Anyway to fix this quickly without downloading the whole wiremod through SVN again? Thanks

What are you talking about? You download wiremod through SVN ONCE and then you have it there. After that you only need to update it. That is one of the main reasons why you should get SVN. If you go to or glua, you have to re-download the entire addon every time there’s a bug or an update. With SVN, simply right click -> update, then Export it.
Did you download it through SVN, then delete all the invisible .svn folders? Or did you download it, then export it, then delete the checkouted folder? If so, fail.
Here’s a tutorial that tells you how to use SVN the right way:

yeah I downloaded and then exported it. It’s actually not a bad thing to do. Cleaning up the SVN files decreases gmod load time.

Guess I will just have to do it again.