Advanced Duplicator problem

Hi all,
I have problem with my Advanced Duplicator. It started to make this before about three or four days. I am using AdvDupe SVN version. I ever got stack overflow error. Here are three lines of console, if you need more, please say.
I don’t think that twelve props should make the dupe table to overflow?

[lua\includes\extensions able.lua:82] stack overflow
AdvDupeERROR: Problem with = Weld Constraint. Could not find Ent: 143
AdvDupeERROR:Could not make constraint type: Weld

Thanks for help.
Khubajsn (using Steam, my community ID is khuba)

I believe this happens when you’re overflowing it with either welds or nocollides. You should never use that many welds anyway so it baffles me that you got the error. Try to learn the parent tool (there’s a great thread in the contraption section of FP, it’s named “How not to suck st building high prop contraptions”.

If your problem is not related to using 10,000 or more constraints /welds, then I have no idea. Parenting solves nearly every issue though. It makes near to 0 lag (so you can tale some big contraptions and use themnon servers), and parenting makes selexted propa into one entity so it doesn’t spass out.
Oh and excuse any meestaakes, typing from my iPhone.

Well, I really had not 10,000 welds neither no collides :smiley:
But I will try to use parent tool.
Thank you.