Advanced Duplicator(s)


So, ive been installing a few addons, and ive found that advanbced duplicator is necessary for many of them. So, i had a search around, and found a few. However, no matter how many I try, none of them work. Most ask me to put them into my data folder, and one asked me to fully replace the data folder. And one said to put in addons. But, none of them will work.

id really like to get them going, as there are some addons id really like to use, but can’t because of these issues.

Can anyone suggest any ideas as to why they may not be working, and perhaps how to fix them?

By the way, each time i have read the readme, and have followed all the instructions.


I believe they are not addons, but duplicates for you.

Easiest way to get Advanced Duplicator is by installing the Wire SVN.

Yes. And, SVN Tutorial