Advanced Duplicator saves.

Tittle says it all I guess, a request for Advanced Duplicator Saves.

Advanced duplicator isnt an official part of gmod so Garry would have to make it official for that.

Oh sorry I didn’t know that, thanks.


Well I knew ADV Duplicator isn’t official from Gmod but never thought that way.

Duplicator already has a rudimentary per-session saving system. Maybe that could be expanded into toybox somehow.

/vote make adv dupe part of gmod

/vote include wire and phx in gmod

/vote “Garry should stop mking use-less functions and make this?” “yes” “no”


Uhhhh no. Not at all.

Users need to start simple. Then when they’re ready, they can get those addons via SVN.

this is what we need. People filling up ToyBox with some usrless and un-needed .txt files from a mod that isnt even Gmod core.

N. O. NO. Just don’t start this. It would be like dupes, but much, MUCH worse.