Advanced Duplicator Spawns Big Red Errors


I’ve downloaded several space stations, big ships, etc, from, that are supposed to work with the Advanced Duplicator. However, whenever I go to spawn any of them, I just get a bunch of big red flashing "ERROR"s on the screen. I have Wire, Spacebuild 3, Life Support 3, SBMP, and PHX … what else do I need for this stuff?


The spacebuild team made a console command fix for it. I can’t remember it tho.

The exact error in the console is:

ERROR!: Can’t create physics object for models/all/different/modelnames.mdl

It comes up like a few dozen times with all different model names.

Either the dupes are old or your sbmp is.

Well, my SBMP is the absolute newest version from the SVN. I guess the dupes probably are old. Is there a way to fix? Or is there a specific place I can look for that console command you mentioned?

The advance dup is probably using models back from SBMP2. If you don’t mind, you can replace SB3 with SB2 instead.

Post links to the files you downloaded so we can take a look.

There is no such thing as SBMP2.

self slap

Damn. Didn’t realise that they didn’t change the model pack. (But they did change the LS models, so that might be a problem.)