Advanced Duplicator stopped working with props

Hey everyone,

I need help tracking down a problem. My Advanced Duplicator has decided that it no longer wants to spawn props. Anytime the Duplicator tries to spawn a prop, it throws this error: AdvDupeERROR: CreateEntity failed to make “prop_physics”. And then something about “Data” being a nil value in one of the Adv Dup’s script files in addons.

What could be causing this error, and how can I try to fix it?


Have you tried updating it? Also, make sure you’re using the SVN version

Yes, I am using the latest SVN version. The timing seems to line up with the GMod update I got from Steam yesterday.

Same thing is happening to me… latest wire svn version on latest gmod update.

Edit: Tested by spawning wooden dresser and explosive barrel then single stroke welding them and trying to dupe it using advanced duplicator.

Just installed a fresh new server and adv dupe is defiantly broken on the latest version =/ can’t dupe any props at all…

AdvDupeERROR: CreateEntity failed to make “prop_physics”, Error: [addons\adv dupe\lua\autorun\server\advdupe.lua:2720] attempt to index local ‘Data’ (a nil value)
AdvDupe: Sending this ErrorMsg to Player [1][Callum]
AdvDupe-ERROR: “Failed to make “prop_physics””
AdvDupeERROR:Created Entity Bad! Class: prop_physics Ent: 300

These are the errors my server console shows when I try to paste

We just had this problem… After running some updates this stared to happen, I went back and checked which addon we updated was causing the problem. Turns out carters pack was causing the problem for us after we updated it. If you have carters pack and just recently updated I suggest first disabling it and checking to see if that was the problem if it was just revert back to the last version.

Using SVN its easy to go back to the last version… I just forgot what revision number I am guessing 98 but I may be wrong.

If you don’t have carters back check some of the addons you recently updated, either re update them or go back a revision and see if it works.

Hope it helps somewhat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In further testing on my server and local it seems it’s related to “Stargate Carter’s Addon Pack (” anyone else here have that?

Ya we noticed it was after we updated Carters Pack, we disabled it and checked, dupe started to work again. We decided to revert back to the previous version of Carters Pack and everything seems to be working again hopefully they fix it in the next update.

That’ll be the issue then, I also run CAP… I’ll take a look on their forums and let them know if they don’t already

EDIT: Yup, they know about it but have no idea why it’s happening… only that it’s the latest update of GMod causing it

I have the CAP too, so I guess I’ll head over there and see if we can iron this out.