Advanced Duplicator Update

This actual idea was mine, but the idea that it should be an UPDATE is JamminR’s.

I have a special “admin building” that i’ve built for my admins on my server, complete with wired elevator and “admin office” with an admin turret (on a floor you’d have to have the passcode to get to, of course.)

I wanted my building to be spawned already once I start up my server/restart the map/random server crashing, so there’s no having to try and get the dupe file back exactly where I originally built it. Plus, it would put my own special mark on the server by having a specially constructed building ALWAYS there no matter who connects and sees it.

FEEDBACK!!! :slight_smile:

This could be interesting.

Paste original position.


Are you fucking serious

There’s an option to paste a dupe at it’s original location.

I meant so you don’t HAVE to paste it again. It would just stay there and would be there no matter when the map was being loaded/reloaded.

It’s “possible”, but requires a some work. You have to call one of the functions with the proper vars. The main problem is you need a valid player to make stuff.

Yeah, for like 2 years :v:

I’ve always wanted to put the bot SourceTV makes to some use :v: