Advanced Duplicator won't save ragdolls for me

Give me a box, because I can not get Advanced duplicator, the latest version I’ve found at any rate, to save a ragdoll for me. Here’s my specific example: I spawn a Link ragdoll, one from the latest SSBB thread, I use the bodychanger on it to get rid of the sword and shield (but leave the empty scabbard), and I try to save it in this mode because I’m trying to make a comic and it would be infinitely easier if I could just bring up adv dupe and spawn it that way instead of respawning him and using the body changer each and every time. The regular duplicator just spawns him with everything on him. When I use the advanced duplicator it comes up with an error, something about networked bones being a nil value…or something like that. If that’s not enough info I can go in and get the exact text if it’s really needed. Anyway, is there something else I should be doing? Or another tool I can use?

Well, this is one of the few times I’d say try using a save.

I think it is because the Body Changer doesn’t actually remove the sword and shield, so the Adv. Dupe gets confused with the model, and reverts it to normal (with sword and shield)

The latest version of Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Get it using SVN. Here’s an SVN tutorial:

I don’t often dupe ragdolls with Adv Duplicator, but the times I have, they work fine. Haven’t tried the body changer though.

@ DeathDoom:
Well I could do that, but I throw multiple poses up on one level. And I could just respawn the model and use the bodychanger again but I was trying to save myself a bit of time on it.

@ Carlisle:

No that’s what the regular duplicator does. Adv. Dupe won’t even try to save it.

@ Divran

I’m pretty sure I have the latest version of adv duplicator, but It feels a little out of my way to mess with the whole svn thing when I don’t use wiremod (since I don’t build contraptions). I’m a poser, through and through… But that is something I haven’t tried doing at all though, so maybe I don’t have the best version of adv dupe. I might as well give it a shot.


Some slightly good news and some pretty bad news.

The good news is that Divran’s idea worked…in that the advanced duplicator i got from svn actually saved the ragdoll.

The bad news is, it did the exact same thing the regular duplicator does and just spawned him with everything on him. I guess the bodychanger thing doesn’t carry over in the save. Thanks for your tips anyway.

There is a bodychanger tool in gmod, or you can bind keys so its much easier.

Oh good idea. I didn’t think about binding a key to it. Thanks.

If you don’t have SVN then you don’t have the latest version. Simple as that.
SVN is updated at least 3 times a day.