advanced duplicator

I’m sure this has been asked a lot of times, but I’m asking it again, since I couldn’t find an answer by searching

So, which of the advanced duplicator entries in the garry’s mod related files should I get?

I hear about this pack, that also has wire, that updates itself, how complicated is it to install?

It’s just hard to find the right file to download when people cram “advanced duplicator” into file names and their tags that only include files saved via adv.dupe.

Also, any good places to learn to use it, or is the readme good?

actually, the best way to learn it is just to fool around with it a bit i think. You can probably look it up and get good information on

make sure to get the latest advanced duplicator, and update it via SVN client. Ohhh, right, you were questioning that. Well, basically, you need whats called an SVN client such as Tortoise SVN

then, get the advanced duplicator from if you want to…

now what the SVN client does, is check the file versions of all the files in the Advanced Duplicator folder, and updates them at your will if they are outdated. Anywho, after tortoise is installed and ready to go, you should see new dialogs if you right click the Adv Duplicator folder; one should be like, SVN Checkout or something like that,

put this for the URL : “

and this for the destination

“C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\XXXXXXXXX\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\Adv Duplicator”

XXXXXXXX = your username.

Now, it is important that there is only 1 Adv Duplicator after the \addons\ folder, because the SVN client will try to add a folder INSIDE the Adv Duplicator folder, which will NOT work. So be SURE to check it before finally running the update. Hope this helped. Anyone feel free to add/correct any information… its been a WHILEEEE since i’ve had to use my SVN client, and even LONGER since i installed it.
Better than the above tutorial.

lol thank you death. My tutorial took all of 5 mins lol.