Advanced Duplucatior won't work at ALL!!!!

It shows up, but it says nothing.

I think you need to be a bit more descriptive than that.

It doesn’t do anything

What, a lua error?


Do we have to drag the information out of you?

What was the error?

hey guys i have been looking for EVER for a working advanced duplicator and to be a little more descriptive then this kind fellow i have downloaded some stuff from extracted it properly and all it shows up in the advanced duplicator directory folder and i click on it and then go and try to spawn it but thats what happens it just wont spawn i’ve tried everything i suspect i just downloaded a broken version because i did get it from and i heard it’s not allowed on that website.

any quick responses or any links to a proper, working version would be great thanks.

You need to download Adv Dupe via SVN. It comes with Wiremod.
Any versions off of are outdated and/or broken.

You can find an SVN tutorial here:

Read that, and then download Wiremod.