Advanced dynamite?

Well, at this point in time, the dynamite tool is pretty much only used for spam, since it is basically useless. So, would someone be able to make a dynamite tool with which you can choose different explosion animations (because seeing the same old HL2 explosions is getting REALLY old), whether or not it pushes props (and how strong the push is), explosive damage radius, and other such things? If this were to be made, it would definitely increase the usefulness of dynamite.

ok I will try it!


What explosions do you want? (tell me how it has to look like?)

Probably something like this :

only scaled so it’s about the size of a grenade explosion. And maybe the TF2 and DOD:s explosions, too.

This one’s good too:

First Image is not showing, and second. Hmmm I will try xD


So far so good, making the cppanel now

Well if you own EP2, Download this:

There is a few ep2 explosion animation, which are quite good. You might want to check them.

there is also this, which can be nice too:

Problem is, I’m not sure how to change the effects.

The thing is, the particle controller doesn’t have explosions that are about the same scale as the regular dynamite explosion, all of them are ridiculously enormous, and I wanted something about the size of a grenade blast, but with better explosion effects.

Then look at the second link.

that isn’t a tool, nor can you change the explosion effect, damage, whether or not it pushes props/players, etc.

I’m sorry for tossing in an idea so late in development, but, could you add an option that would remove the dynamite on explosion?

I’m not actually developing it, I think someone is, but yeah, that would be a good idea.

I meant the effect, you could just take it out. I did not mean the whole SWEP. Why do you misunderstand things?

Well, you didn’t do a very good job at specifying whether you were suggesting I use the swep as an alternative or not. but yes, now I understand. btw, whoever said he was going to give it a try, you should definitely give credit if you use someone else’s effects.