Advanced Fire

Are you tired of seeing fire only spread via props? Do you want the fire to behave like Far Cry 2? Then this is the addon you’re looking for!

This addon expands the possibilities of the fire entity in Garry’s Mod. Advanced Fire makes all fires - or only the ‘advanced’ fires - be able to spread without having to spam props! It automatically burns its way through all your structures! Fire can be blocked either by a brush or a non inflammable prop like a container door.

How to use it?

Left-click to start an expanding fire
Right-click to remove all fires in the map
Use the context panel to set behaviour


Watch a trailer here on the excellent Vimeo website.


Please provide constructive criticism and rate the thread!

Good work, looks good.

Nice but maybe have the spreadrate a bit more random?

At the moment it was too perfect and it was obvious when the spread function was being called.

Great! Would be even better if you made it so it doesn’t spawn the fires in a square pattern :slight_smile:

It looks very blocky in the video.

Good work you got my download. Will we be expecting any updates?

Good work!

Looks awesome, shame about the squareness of spreading though.

How come everyone else is now releasing spreadable fire addons?

Nevertheless it looks awesome. Just what is needed for RP_Downtown_V2!


This has come in handy on my server. The squareness is annoying, but I can deal with it since I no longer need to lay out fire (via the Effect addon) ahead of time for RP.

If there were a function to remove smoke, and for the fires to auto extinguish after a period of time(think of conway’s game of life) it would be kinda cooler. Got my download anyway!

Great idea/job!

Nice, reminds me of the sims, when something was burning :P.

Brilliant, Overv, brilliant.

I think I’m going to go remake my Wildfire now…

(It was the second spreading fire to be made for gm9, after Jinto’s)

I really enjoyed using it, and kinda miss it now.

Please rate the thread if you like it :slight_smile:

I rated the thread positive because it’s always good to see people playing with Lua, and you reminded me of an old script I made.

Overv, since this is your thread, and I hate when people shit up mine, do you mind if I post just one or two pictures of my WIP Wildfire? I’m asking you, since you gave me the idea to remake it. :slight_smile:

No problem at all, we’re all here to help other people out :slight_smile:

:D. Thanks, mang.

Here’s some WIP pictures of the Wildfire I took last night:

First time I’ve ever made a STOOL. Used the Advanced Duplicator as a base. :smiley:

When using advanced fire, if you catch a barrel or an exploding object on fire, when the object explodes the fire stays there. I’m not sure if its a glitch or not it just seams unrealistic.