(advanced help needed)Player model problems [possible SDK/engine bug?]

I have a problem regarding a bodygrouped player model. My basic set up is this:

original head
new head 1
new head 2

original top
new top 1
new top 2

original bottom
new bottom 1
new bottom 2

original shoes
new shoes 1
new shoes 2

this is so that I can have a player wearing different outfits in a mix-n-match style, I already made a complete character like this before, this is my second one.

so here is my QC (the important part of it at least) while testing the first 2 outfits together:

$modelname "beep/player/droids.mdl"
$cdmaterials "/beep/models/player/droids/"
$bodygroup head
	studio "droids_head.smd"
	studio "2droids_head.smd"
$bodygroup shoes
	studio "droids_shoes.smd"
	studio "2droids_shoes.smd"
$bodygroup bottom
	studio "droids_bottom.smd"
	studio "2droids_bottom.smd"
$bodygroup top
        studio "droids_top.smd"
	studio "2droids_top.smd"

Unfortantely this -Crashes- model viewer, and if i can be bothered to load it into GMOD, it crashes that too!
after removing any single one of those smd’s (I only tried 3, but same thing) it works, but obviously I don’t get one of the parts of my model…

Previously this was also throwing the errors:

ERROR: Aborted processing on ‘gangwars/player/droids.mdl’

any light to be shed on this?
thanks for reading my walls of text and stuffs <3