Advanced House Building Questions

I have a few questions about building a more advanced house. I haven’t played for a while and I am about to start new so I can’t test some things myself.

I am wondering if grenades will roll down a stairway or do I need a ramp for them to roll? (Stairway has that flat part at the top) I prefer stairway to hide things under and because ramp takes up a lot of space.

It seems its easy to build up to the 2nd floor so a double wall feature would be a good idea, is it possible to get to the 3rd floor by building stuff on top of each other still or is it patched?

Some houses I see will have the foundation brought out 1x1 further than the walls and then pillars are placed, also people will place random foundations around the place with pillars to stop people from building nearby so people can’t reach the walls to place c4. How long does it take for the foundation and pillar to decay? Do I need to build doorways so I have to reset these pillars?

Also can’t the anti build next to pillars be counter by doing something like this? You build pillars in the corner of the foundation higher than the middle pillar so you can then place a roof and jump over from somewhere else?

Well first off essentially no base is unraidable. With that in mind lets answer some of your questions:

Grenades will roll down any slope so they will slide down the stairs part but not the flat part.

You can get up to the 3rd floor a few ways:
1.) Build up with a foundation / stairs
2.) Xmas tree your way up, this is where you place a barricade on the top of a pillar then build another pillar on top of that and rinse and repeat till you get as high as you want.
3.) Blow the 2nd floor wall out, then place down a large storage and barricade to access the 3rd floor
4.) Box super jump, which is a blatant exploit, but it exists.

People pillar up everything around their bases to prevent anyone from building up beside it and being able to place c4 on a higher wall to take a short cut to the stash room.

Placing odd foundations and pillars is one way of making it so people can’t place other foundations near by. You can’t have another foundation to close to another without attaching it.

Pillars will decay, however if you put a fireplace on every foundation and light it once a day I was told this will reset the decay counter. The only other thing that i Know that resets a decay counter is opening / closing a door.

I don’t understand your last question, however the picture you have posted, there is no way to get a middle pillar up to the ceiling currently.

addition to 2nd post

5.) Place a wooden gate and jump to it.
6.) place spike walls on the sides of pillars getting you anywhere on anyones base.

What I have found to be an excellent building technique is not to build to prevent intruders but to welcome them in. But, build it in such a way as to prevent them from getting out again.

The simplest version of this design is as follows:

2x3 foundations, build a three floor wall on the perimeter, then place pillars on the center positions of the foundations, which will allow you to build a 1x2 house. Building this way allows people to get inside but they cannot build on the foundations once they have gotten in.

Then you want to build your house up at least four floors, with alternating staircases and metal doors at every level. Then place your stashes at the uppermost level.

This will require the raider to use up their charges just getting to the first couple of floors. If they do not save two charges for getting out then they will be stuck and have to suicide.

I have built this structure on many servers and my design has been usurped by many players. While no structure is completely raid-proof, this design can give them a mighty headache. I have encountered many occasions when I log on and find random backpacks inside my walls.

It is also possible to add another perimeter wall and increase raider’s difficulties in successfully raiding your home, but this requires an adequate place to build, which could raise the profile of the structure and make it more of a target. I even have had fun using raider’s foundations to beef up my home’s security.

Here is a crude image of my design idea, hopefully that will clarify my shoddy description:

To answer your last question, yes that is a way to get around the preventative measure of foundations with pillars surrounding your base. That is why you need to build the center pillar at least two or three floors tall. But that will not prevent the pillar-barricade exploit, it will actually promote it. I find that it is best to not surround your base with random foundations from my personal experience. If you do, then add spike walls to prevent people getting close enough to them to cause harm.