Advanced Join/Leave Message

An improved join/leave message addon for any server on any gamemode.

This shows when a player last joined, when they leave and when they join.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the file from the download link
  2. Drag and drop Advanced-Join-Leave-MSG-master to your addons folder
  3. Start server and it will work

Download link:

If you can think of any improvements tell me and ill add them.

Shit man that’s FKing advanced!

but for all fairness, looks nice, GJ!

Yer sorry I couldn’t really think of anything else to call it maybe improved join/leave message?

Awesome work, thank you for sharing this!

This seems so useful for welcoming new players to a server! But could you add a feature that also counts the number of players who join, and when a new player joins it lists the players number?