Advanced Power Armor

That model has been ported to Source succesfully.
It was my third port.
In beta, can has some bugs, just message me.

You can download it here:


I still need a help with making it into NPC but I can’t for a reason…
Here this:
When I made it with male npc animaions it has invisible box which player can stuck in it. Length of box to the ned of the map and weight has same.

If somebody know how, contact ot me through steam, please, or by personal message.

Thank you for visiting thread and downloading, I’m very glad if you like this like playermodel.

Thank you very much.I love it.

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You could replace a combine NPC with this skin.

I want but problem decripted above.

there is a problem with the texture the whole playermodel texture is pink and black

Click on link, result: “Website Currently Unavailable”

Was looking forward to see if this is different than the APA found earlier :(.

I didn’t saw but nevermind. I like to make things with my own hands.

wow this is awesome well done i made a request for this model to be made into a npc but no one touched it so i am really thankful you came out and made this

This was already done a while back. As far as I can tell it’s the same, anyway.

They are pretty much the same, though the one you linked doesn’t have Player animation .mdl files buit into it’s .QC text.