[ADVANCED] request (NPC)

hi, i think it could be nice with some “realistic” NPC’s for GMod.
fx you had just created a city, and wan’t some NPC’s in it, but both kind (Rebels and Combines) without “Disable AI”

but when you hit them, with fists or something, they will attack you.

fx 2, i am going over to an NPC (combine), he doesn’t shoot at me, but i wan’t some action :P, so i hit with some kind of fist swep, and then he attacks me…

sry, if it is bad explained, and stuff like that…

so do you want an npc that only attacks you if you attack them?


can’t you also get cps only to attack you when u get close or go somewhere they don’t want you to using mapping?

yes, exactly

Search a little :slight_smile:

it works perfect, thx :P, you saved my day :smiley: