Advanced Role-Players Community


Welcome to the Advanced Role Players community, a roleplay community dedicated to having a more unique and serious roleplay.
The (ARP) community is currently running 1 Roleplay server and plan on running a Fretta server soon.

This community has been here since November 3, 2009 but still has a small community of 51, but with the joining of new people we plan to grow.


Map: rp_townsend_v1p
Slots: 16
Gamemode: DarkRP 2.4.1
Features: 4 Jobs (Citizen, Police Officer, Police Chief, Mayor)

We wanted the community to be able to be whatever they want to by selecting their job name and then persuing their dream job.
We don’t have Wiremod, PCMod, CSS HD Weapons, or PHX like the other 1000’s DarkRP servers, therefore downloading is short.
The toolgun is for donators only so that we don’t have younger players ruin the RP.
Weapons are more expensive on this server to help keep RDM out.

The server rules are like the generic Serious RP rules, including (RDM, NLR, Prop Push/Surf, Metagame*) etc.
Metagame is different on our server in which that it is the same except Real Life instances are allowed to be used in-game.


The future holds promises that this gamemode will continue to be better than the other 1000’s DarkRP servers and that it will also be unique and fun.

Steam Community

This guy atleast doesn’t have PHX and Wiremod on the server and no 300+ jobs
Will checkout

Looks too good to be true, I’ll join tomorrow and check it out.

Finally, a server i dont have to reinstall PHX every time i go there, too bad my GMOD’s fucked up right now.
Hah, got it to work again, im coming.

Dang. Finally (I hope) a good DarkRP roleplay. Will checkout.

Although the script doesn’t please me much, the map does. I’ll check it out whenever I find peolpe in the server.

Seems awesome. KnightVista, tell me if you want a custom derma and/or a custom scoreboard. I’ve got one hell of a derma left from when I used to run a server.

Yeah I hate servers with every single addon that you won’t ever need, especially in RP’s.

I would love to see that derma of yours!
Any kind of help I can recieve I would really appreciate and so would the community.


It’s a good RP, you can trust me on that ; )

Okay people of facepunch i have put this off for about a week but i need to make a post, so about the server it is fun you can choose your jobs (using /job or becoming cop/mayor) and its a not very common map that has many empty shops so you can decorate or make it however you want.
now with the website it is good for sharing the ideas you have always wanted in darkrp but have never gotten around to learning how to make or just not having the time, also it would be good to help knight vista with the making of, because it has been just him (i think, maybe on or two other people) for some time and it would just be nice to help make a great group better.

I can provide you a SMF forum if you want it?