Advanced Skin Families.

Hey guys as you may or maynot know I am working on a Halo 3 player model Mod, however I want you to be able to pick your primary and secondary colors, now the problem is this the parts of the models are in body groups, so there is different shoulders, helmets and so on to pick, so how do I make the Texture change on the bodygroups as well, I just need the code cause I cant find it anywhere so your help would be greatly appreciated, also I need to be able to change 2 diferent skin familes one called primary the other secondary, I dont know if this is even possible. anyway heres my thread:

Your help is greatly appreciated on this matter.

You can’t change them in a primary and secondary way, but you could presumibly define them as such in your LUA in the selection.

You can however have more than one texture changed in a skingroup as I described in this thread: (which should facilitate what your after I would have thought).

Thanks mate I remember reading that thread but didnt remember where lol.

np :slight_smile: