Advanced traps

These traps would be harder to spot and some of them can be used inside your base.

  1. Proximity mine: This trap would be able to detonate when anyone steps near an 3/5 foot area around it. If you don’t want enemies camping in bushes you can just scatter them inside the bushes.

  2. Claymore:this is a more unique trap since it requires you to press the trigger. So if your inside your second story and you can hear gunshots downstairs you can plant an claymore near a door so when its opened you just have to press the detonator. This mine would have the longest range girl of 50 yards but that can be nerfed.

3.Tripmine: A basic home defense weapon that which allows you to set up “no go zones” were the traps are set up but be wary because this weapon doesn’t differentiate between you and raiders.

  1. motion sensor tripmine: it would be an direct upgrade of the trip mine. Except instead of a visible wire running across the hallway you see nothing,should give raiders thinking twice before running in a hallway

5.Fragmentation mine:This mine has a larger blast radius then an regular landmine being able to butcher those groups of raiders that stick close. With the largest blast radius of all the mines

This would be fun. I love the mines something nice about hearing a big boom outside your home to find a geared guy

i would love to be able to set those fallout 4 like string traps which activate a shotgun or a rocket.

I love that feeling when I was a guy in burlap put a mine right outside my base and found that people don’t look were they stand

Traps! This would help with offline raiding as well.