Advanced Warfare exo grenade models

i was originally asking for a model rip but some idiot just came on and was spamming shit, so if you are a mod, please lock/delete this thread

You’ve already created a thread asking for these, not sure why you made another one.
Be patient.

i made a thread asking if it was possible to port without opening game, and said if its impossible then just give links to models i need.

and it doesnt seem like anyones gunna post so i just made another thread specifically for what i need

You could extract them yourself using Lime64.

His issue is that he cannot launch the game because it is 64bit, while he only has a 32bit system, which s why needs someone else to do it.


I have exo zombies for xbox one and ps4 and pc if you any any help?


uknow I helped steviewonder87 out with that type of thing so I think I could also help you if you like to get those models you need

well if you could, that would be great

as long as we have some fun first is that a deal with some nice fury bears?

how old are you?
what the hell?

I’m 17 and I play world of Warcraft all day on my pc and I have over 5000 hours on that and I live in my moms basement

I wish they would make that game for ps4 cause I would 4x max out the hours on world of warcraft

how much autism do you have?

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can anyone ELSE help me? not some autistic freak that wants “fury” bears?

Nah that’s gears

I just play World Of Warcraft all day cause I love that game and my best buddy steviewonder87 loves that game but you should know cause look at the picture I look like a nerd

but if you want to add me on steam I can get you those models can I make wins on world at Warcraft

stop posting here, i dont want your help

Nah that’s gears22 who will stop posting here

Do you have autistic your self you want my help but now you don’t :godzing:

3 facepalm for you sir

(User was permabanned for this post ("awful posting, doesn't belong on FP" - Orkel))

“do you have autistic” i wanted your help earlier but you turned out to be some idiot

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now stop posting, i dont want your help anymore. just leave this thread alone, is it that hard?

Huh you want to fight lets take this on steam come on little boy lets do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Your just a little boy when i’m a big bear

i never said i wanted to fight, i just said go away, i dont want your help.