Advanced weld?

I was building a large boat on a build server recently and I noticed that when welding all the props together to one main prop the other props start acting all wavy and glitchy. And when I try and have my boat move via thrusters the props begin to shake and act all unstable due to the props not being welded with adjacent pieces of the boat. I noticed that when you take a simple 6 prop cube and weld every single part in every possible combination the cube prop doesn’t seem to act unstable or ‘shake’ when undergoing Movement. But when you weld all the cube props to one main, specific prop - even though the props are welded it will act shaky due to the other props not being welded with each other.

I was wondering if someone could develop an advanced form of weld where, you can cloak a whole radius of a geometric surface on the map [encoded for props only] and weld all the props within this ‘web’. And weld every prop with each other in every possible mathematical combination available.

For instance:

You have a boat with 50 props like my above example. When I weld the props it normally not only takes a while but the entire boat is still shaky due to not all the props being welded with each other in all possible ways.

If you weld all the props in every combination theoretically you shouldn’t get as much shakiness or lag when undergoing movement or strain from external forces of somesort. When all the props have been welded there seems to be more of a stable aspect to it. Since the props are ‘connected’ with each other. If you only weld all the props to a specific part of the contraption/building/etc it will only be connected to that specific prop.

Can anyone make a tool that can instantly weld all props within a certain desired radius and weld it in every combination possible? Like the prop at the front connects to the prop in the back. While the prop in the back connects with the props on the sides. And the props on the sides is welded to the props in the front, etc. etc.?

You can use something like smart constraint to do that… but it’s extremely laggy that way. You may want to look up how to use parenting.

Parenting has its flaws though as you need to set the props to a specific weight and the Physical Properties can’t be altered. Anything but parenting.

Is there any tool where you can simply scan your mouse over a bunch of props and have them all weld together in every possible ways? Like how Prop A is only welded to Prop B and F. And with this tool you can have every combination of welds within these props for each of the individual props.

Like Prop B is welded to Prop A and F. Prop F is welded to prop B and A. Prop B is welded to prop F and A, etc. So instead of manually doing this to all 50+ props the tool can simply auto-scan and weld it for you in every possible combination of the given props you highlighted in the radius on the map. Having that, all the props would be secure and fully welded with one another and you’d get less lag when undergoing movement such as thrusters, hoverballs, etc. Plus it wouldn’t ‘shake’ as much as I’ve noticed based on personal experience.

Smart constraint, like I said. Having that many welds will be laggy though…

there was a tool called poly weld in GM12. Don’t know where it ended up in transition to GM13. I think it basically merged the physobjects of props.

Smart constraint is broken though since the Gmod 13 update, isn’t it?