AdvancedRP - highly modified DarkRP

It’s all about the derma.

No, but really nice work. This looks stunning.

Nice job!

looks like perp without being so deppressing, i hope to see this grow

That looks like cockwork?

Rape corpse? Is there some seedy underside to RP on gmod I missed?

Somthing tells me you wouldnt have gotten the 2 dumb ratings if you hadnt said the word ‘DarkRP’, the gamemode looks nothing like dark rp really and because of that, will likely encourage different gameplay other then running around, murdering people and minging about (kinda like what was on the youtube clip)

Other then that, rather nice coding and looks i must say, looking forward to future developments and good luck!

Looks nice, makes me think of a Wild Western RP from the font.


As nice as it looks, DarkRP is universally hated on FP. You’re going to get shit for any custom DarkRP no matter how good it is.

The spatial distribution on the menus is like, horrible. Yeah, it looks good, but for long lists and for the inventory it’s just wasting all this space, the lack of margins is a real eyesore. It’s not all that functional, at least the DarkRP VGUI had things decently distributed, this just seems to lack information and ergonomics.

You’re also doing nothing about the tired, and flawed DarkRP mechanics, to call it AdvancedRP seems to me like an exaggeration. You show me something I haven’t seen before and I’ll give you all the praises you want.

Like if. Games play exactly the same no matter what their VGUI is about. In fact, the VGUI does absolutely nothing for the game but hinder it if done wrong, best case scenario it just makes the game flow better, but the gameplay will retain its exact same pros and cons no matter how much you sugarcoat it.

Wow its really looks like new game. Why dont you make this rp as different gamemode.

The mechanics and gameplay style of DarkRP still exists, and all that’s been changed is a crappy Clockwork-type HUD/Derma.
No real changes or reasons for that matter, exist to name the gamemode something different.

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The gamemode has money printers. It’s automatically classed as having bad development choices after that point.

After these posts, I realize that ben434 and nuttyboffin was right.

Think of it this way. Its a nice gamemode and mod of darkrp, where as facepunch may hate it, if you release it under a different name than modified darkrp you are going to get no players as the gmod search system is now catergorize by gamemode. Take Carlrp for example, great rp gamemode but no-one plays it as it does not have a familiar name.

This font makes me want to vomit

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P.S: Какие корабли были во вторую мировую?

what, that the gamemode isn’t perfect? that because it looks pretty it doesn’t mean it’s good?

i don’t hate the gamemode just because it is a mod of darkrp, i don’t like that it plays exactly the same as darkrp. if it had new shit then it’d probably be a better gamemode, but thus far it’s just all vgui. what else am I supposed to comment on.

Now THIS is a DarkRP modification I actually like.

Could you make the images into thumbnails please.

Can’t agree with you. Today I visited it and saw the great feature - inventory, which save my items after reconnect. I’ve never seen such things before.

Unfortunately, I had not enough time to take pleasure of gaming, but every thing i saw was really nice, I want watch this grow.