Advancing through the dead. [Army dudes and a dead guy doing nothing.]

Picture removed, it sucked too much to create a thread for.

Could and admin delete this thread please?

heres a different picture to give comments on guys:

Way too much contrast. Way too much DoF. Posing looks good.

Sweet posing. I see what you’re trying to do with the DoF but… I dunno, whacking the contrast up as high as it will go isn’t really what I’d call finding your own style.

Hmmm, yus you’re all right…

fail ):

That bullet-proof vest and the hair on the dead guy reminds me of Makarov.

That’s because it is Makarov.

I knew it.

I kinda like it.


At first i thought you were trolling but you were quoting “Teabagging.” I was that close to reporting you.

Nah he’s using the guys ass like a sandbag.


I would lower the contrast slightly, but not too much since I like the darks. Other than that, I like it.

All the good editors are turning into contrast and filter rape lovers. WHAT IS GOING ON! VMAN OR CHESTY SAVE US WITH AN EPIC POSE! THE APPOCLYPSE MUST END!

Thanks for that :confused:

I dont use filters, rarely… but yes… the contrast is a little high.

You must mean all the Screenshots are generic shots of soldiers looking at something.

I like to experiment with shading and using “Generic” pictures is a good move for me.

I think even though a screenshot can be Generic but also artistic… right?
Generic is a HYPE.

You are right, but its pretty annoying when there are so many screen shots of soldiers just standing there doing something.

On a count, i saw 13 on the first page alone.

Just a matter of personal taste I guess… D:

anyway, pic removed. it sucks too much

Posing is very nice, work on your editing though.

I still see it though.

I wouldnt remove it. Your posing is awesome and such.