Advantages to Workshop

Hiya guys.
Up till now, I’ve been a firm beleiver of using FastDL downloads to send all my content to my players. Although it’s worked, content grows and grows so now it’s a crazy amount of download time.
I’ve thought about workshop before but never really trusted it.
Can someone explain the differences/perks to FastDL?

I know that if you’re running a linux server you can’t download content over 64Mb from workshop.

windows, so i’m good to go.
Awesome to know, btw.

Workshop has crazy compression. I got a 200MB file to compress to ~40MB.

Workshop has better overall speed, because you don’t download all files individually.

Workshop addons get updated automatically for all clients and the server.

The only real downsides to workshop is it’s a bitch to update files, so when you get new content you’d have to reupload a new file and delete the old one most times, but that’s not too hard. The other downside is if you created custom content that only your server has, anything you upload to steam workshop is legally able to be used by other servers no matter what. ( unless you aren’t the creator and you got a leaked version )

What if it’s just a pack of models and textures and stuff like that?

You shouldn’t take other peoples addons, stuff them in one addon and upload it to your own workshop, that’s what collections are for. Steam basically gets rights to all things uploaded, the creators of the addons you put in that one pack may not be ok with that.
generally let everything that is on the workshop download from the workshop and let the other content download from your fastDL.
Unless you want to modify an addon, then workshop isn’t an option for it.

all of my custom content is non-workshop. All addons are mine though. It’d just be content files like models and textures, no code.

Although Workshop is more stable overall, you rely on Steam download servers, which many times will be slow or go down.

“Although Workshop is more stable overall”

“you rely on Steam download servers, which many times will be slow or go down”

so more or less stable?

Im using mixed ones workshop + fastDL. Workshop will never EVER be stable as FastDL (if you host fastdl on same server as your gmod server) because if your server is working FastDL will work too.

Workshop has multiple servers all around the world, it is more stable then all Garry’s Mod servers combined.

I’m saying that they’re more stable for people that are far away from the FastDL host, since it’s only one server. Workshop uses Steam servers which are located all around the world, but in heavily populated areas, these servers may be slow and laggy at some times.


True, but you’re exaggerating a bit. It has high compression ratio, but it wouldn’t be 40 mb from 200.

True to an extent. The individual files makes it have to process more, however the main reason why workshop is quicker is because they have quicker speeds, and they are more geo-located, so it’s faster, because servers are closer.

False. You’re an idiot. Workshop has an update function, so you don’t delete shit, you just update it.

Multiple steam servers, so it usually doesn’t go down. But when it does, it automatically reverts back to FastDL, so it’s not that big of a deal if you have a backup

No it doesn’t? You either pick Workshop or FastDL for an item, there’s no “fallback”.

If you still have your fastdl enabled and do your workshop, your fastdl will dl whatever workshop didn’t download so when workshop fails fastdl auto works.
Atleast for me it does.

Wow, didn’t know that. How do you set the priority though, or does workshop always come before FastDL?

Workshop goes first. It also likes to download GMAs that you already subscribed to for no reason.