AdvDupe 1 Bug Fixing

The problem is that some people exploit adv dupe 1 and make everything invisible. I have blacklisted the props that cause this, but people still spawn them somehow with adv dupe 1 and it doesn’t show up in console.

I know what I need to do because a friend told me but hes busy coding other things, and I can’t code. I was wondering if someone could help me then leave this topic open to help other server owners stop minges!

So here is what he told me to do:

police brutality: the fix is to make sure blacklisted props aren’t ghosted, there’s a function that spawns a ghosted entity, i forgot which one
police brutality: i dropped some code in there that ran the prop against FPP’s whitelist to fix it

roast: so the code is within FPP and not ADV DUPE
police brutality: no, i put code in advdupe that used code from FPP

Heres the FPP I have got:

And from what I have checked out the ghosting code is in here:

So we need to put code in adv dupe 1, from FPP. If anyone could be help it would be amazing!