Adventure story - need ideas

I am making a serie of levels for some sort of adventure story. The player needs to wrestle himself throughout harsh environments with all sorts of dangers. I need ideas for environments and dangers. Not just zombies or stuff like that.

So far i’ve come up with:

A dark forest with a path lit by lanterns, bad visibility, on both sides of the path a variety of dense foliage and possibly creeps. (this part is currently being made)

Some sort of dead swamp. Chilly, with a temperature just above 0 degrees C, muddy floor with pools, dead trees and foggy.

Snowy mountain you have to climb along steep paths, with a constant danger of rocks randomly falling down. Maybe crash bandicoot like being chased by a rock?

This is what i have so far. Please i you have ideas, tell them as detailed as possible!

add a random scene where you fall down a trap (unavoidable) and you have to duel 3antlion guards with a gravity gun and something large and blunt before you can leave

Add puzzle and horror aspects to each one, as well as allusions

and something funny
A light touch like a guy jumping off the cliffs and some zombies following him

Have a story where you’re trying to get to the cake. But when you get to it, Alyx nom’s it and you is all sad =’(

Get out

Great ideas! I will do my best to fit them all in.

Does anyone know by any chance a website with free sound samples? I googled but for the most part they are paid or the sound quality is horrible -.-



I just wanted to let you know during the testing of the first map, I was so startled that i accidently bumped a glass of my desk on the ground. Even tho i knew it was coming.

Awesome :dance:
Would it be first person though?


Volcanic theme.
Everyone loves looking at lava, throwing people into lava, and jumping into lava in games, not to mention how alot of people love FIRE of which you naturally is also likely to see where there is lava.
Getting custom content for that and making it not look like lava colored water might be an issue though…

new thread + screenies?

I am still working on the first level. It will be a short one, but quite scary. Adding in game text for hints and stuff. I will post some screenies soon here.

In the meanwhile, keep posting ideas :slight_smile:

How about a scene where you are wandering through an abandoned city/building and you find a survivor, who is about to tell you something before he/she gets impaled and pinned to the wall by a chair or something?