Adventures in EU land

So the US servers are down… I went adventuring

Funny video. I happened to play around on the EU server for a bit and I had a horrible time. When I first started on the US server, it was nowhere near as ridiculous. Every single person I encountered either killed or attempted to kill me, it was insane, there are actually some friendly on US but from my EU encounters there were none (not saying entirety of EU/US are like this).

Dude! its the funniest video ever! dude… u must make a tv show about rust… u killed me with the “Radiation area…the EU got it”…and “Peace Rock”

Everytime i played on EU servers, no one tried to kill me. Exept one time, when I was trying to break in someones house lol

Awesome! You could make a series out of it! =P

Lol i love it man what a video :smiley:

Ur lucky you didnt find me…theres a guy with same name as me going all around the map with Rick Roll song LOL

PS: Naaa its not me…

I never laughed so much…But its true I tried being nice but after countless headshots I went on rage.

Never let someone use your campfire in EU servers, last thing I heard was 3 headshots from my back for being nice.

I’m relatively friendly to especially newcomers (from what they appear as, e.g: naked). I had started having a base and resources on the EU server, and I can recognize the new players and some of them I couldn’t really communicate with unfortunately but the ones I could, if they asked for bandage or food I’d see if I can give them, and out of 8, 3 of them actually tried to kill me while I was giving or after I gave them it. EU players seem so mean, but I won’t label everyone.

Now you know our pain.

Well your never going to get English and French to be nice to each other there too much rivalry.

Is it wrong that I enjoyed watching you die

why are us servers down ??, and when will it be back up?

I went on the EU server killed a guy with full kevlar with a p250 then another guy with a pickaxe Then died due to my game lagging


Nothing special there…

contrary to your post and this video, I actually found my brief time on EU was less hostile than on US :o

and thanks for all the positive feedback peeps

Pretty sure everyone who killed you on the EU server was from the Us server…

the only person confirmed he was a US player in the video was the guy who didn’t shoot me…

He has the same name as the guy killing you at 0:30…

So just because they don’t say they are from the US makes them from EU?

no. thats why I specifically said the only confirmed in the video.