Adventures of Mad Marine #1

This as an experiment, and depending on how it is received, I shall make more.

Click for larger version.


Good job man. I also like the model and the glasses at the last picture.


Let’s see 'nother…I thought you and mad fought eachother.

Poor washing machines , WHAT DID THEY DO!

Must be the work of filthy hobo man, trying to make the rest of the word filthy.

He’ll steal there houses next.

The pics with the super suit are actually all composite images. I do one shot of the normal MadMarine model with one of the combine materials applied, and one without. then I blend it all in photoshop (and add the flames and logo manually).

Dude I’m not too happy about you revealing my secret identity, but I’ll let this pass.

Neon lights on clothes are the future people.

It’s shiny, it MUST be from the future.

very interesting i look forward to read more

Sweet. Jesus. They look as if they are in the model already as a skin. Nice work dude.