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Show our motd or other info with Advert Box. :smiley:


Screnshots (Manage - 1: Save, 2: Respawn/Spawn, 3:Remove):

What it can do:
-> Showing all URL
-> Auto spawn after server start
-> Added three function for control - “AdvBox->Save”, “AdvBox->Remove”, “AdvBox->Spawn/Respawn”.
-> After first spawn, in your gmod ‘data’ folder will created ‘advbox’ folder.
-> How add links - open your ‘data/advbox’ and edit ‘config.txt’ - one links = one line :smiley: (picture # 3)
-> After “AdvBox->Save” in your ‘data/advbox’ will created new folder ‘maps’, in this folder will saving our configs for all maps.

-> Coding - Me :smiley:
-> Model - Me :smiley:

Let’s teste :smiley:

This is pretty damn nice, good work!

download link?

This is very nice work. Well Done.

You could atleast post the code you’ve done yet since this is the release section, post in the WAYWO thread next time.

I have make GUI for manage all AB, after this i upload AB on :smiley:

I cant wait for it.
How long will it take you?

1-2 day :smiley:

Looks nice. :smile:
Well done.

Wait, when you posted it yesterday… I’m pretty sure there was a download link :confused:

Yeah, sure. i remove link becouse i have add moar functions for manage.

I edit spawn method for AB. And now i coding new function for read HTML from file :smiley:

Any progress?

Come on :smiley:

I love you. Marry me?
This is what ive always wanted.

Oh :smiley:

And now i work on GUI D:

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And added anti-minge protection rofl

Perfect model, not the lua code the mode, just what i needed thanks Dark Herald.

You should try getting the html material once the page is loaded successfully, that should reduce fps drops.

GUI in progress D:

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