/advert not working on my DarkRP server

Hey whats up guys. So I got a problem on my DarkRP server. It’s as simple as /advert not working. I use Atlas Chat but even when I take Atlas Chat off the server /advert does not work. When Atlas Chat is off the server /advert just says /advert “then whatever the person types here” in ooc without ooc tags. When I am using Atlas chat when you use /advert nothing gets types in the chat box. Is this a problem a lot of people are having or something? Please help, /advert is very important for DarkRP. Thanks in advance guys.

he removed adverts cause why the hell would you wanna advert an action then get shot in the face a second later lol


I love falco because he hates all the practices most darkrp servers have so he fucks them over in small ways

Okay, thanks guys. =D =D.