Advert Tool

Hello LUA Scripters,
I need a quick and hopefully simple creation. Every 5 minutes I need some sort of script to advertise on my server. Something that would pop up in the chat box saying (example)“Visit the website”. Here are the following lines I wish for it to say in order (without the numbers):

  1. You are playing on “Keen Fighters Build | Full SVN”. Enjoy your stay.
  2. Do you enjoy the server, have a complaint/suggestion/concern, or just want to get more involved? If so, visit our website at
  3. Donations are always accepted through paypal to Make sure to PM in the forums “” with your e-mail stating that you donated and how much you donated.

Thanks guys! This will be a great help!

If you’re running ULX it has customiseable text files for text that appears every 5 minutes or so.

Yes but I cannot get it to work. When I edit it, it just messes up completely.

They have a forum for support etc.


NextAdvert = 0

function SimpleAdvert()
if NextAdvert < CurTime() then
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
v:ChatPrint( “Your Advert Text” ) – You could also set up a table of strings and draw one out randomly
NextAdvert = CurTime()+120 – 2 minute delay, increase/decrease as necessary.
hook.Add(“Tick”, “SimpleAdvert”, SimpleAdvert)

It’s really basic, and could do with expansion, but it’s a starting point for you.

@$$mod has something that can do that. My friend has it on his server and they are called ‘notices’ I believe.