Advert ULX Issue

There is a ULX Advert issue that has been bugging me a lot ever since it happened. All of the adverts that I set in ULX pop up within 2-3 seconds of each other even when I made it so it pops up 30-40 seconds in between. It looks like a huge blob of text and is very difficult to read. Any help?

This happened on my server too. I have the same issue, I think it only happened when the server would lag, then the timers would just happen all at once.

You mean ULX Settings Adverts? If so is it a bug? or do you just not know how to get it to be less time

It is some sort of weird glitch. I made them 40 seconds away from each other but still pops out at the same time.

You do need to remember if one timer is 40 and the other is 80, that after 40 seconds, timer 1 will fire, then after 40 more seconds (80 seconds) timer 1 and timer 2 will fire because both’s time have past.

You need to create a group or folder for them. If you don’t they run independently from each other.

What time do I set for each advert in each group of I want them 60 seconds away from each other.